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Tarbat Discovery Centre Pictish Local Heritage Museum & Gift Shop


Photographic Exhibition

The Laird’s Loft Theatre houses the main audio-visual programme. Sit back and take a journey through time, as we show you what life would have been like when Tarbat was a busy medieval settlement.

The theatre also doubles as an 'out of hours' events room and may be used for temporary displays or exhibitions.

The Laird’s Loft

The Activity Room has user-friendly touch screens which make learning more about the centre's displays fun, helping both children and adults alike get the most from their visit. Extremely easy to use they also will give you information of more general historic interest.

Activity Room

The treasury hosts the Pictish carvings and many other finds, including the Viking Silver Horde.

Here you can marvel at the sheer beauty of the medieval stonework and read in depth accounts of the many rare items uncovered at the site.

The Treasury

The Crypt at the Tarbat Discovery Centre is a barrel-vaulted, ancient sacred space with appropriate solemnity.

You will find out how, in late medieval times, it was the site of an infamous local atrocity.

The Crypt

Denis Buczynski lives near Portmahomack and is a member of the British Astronomical Association. He has his very own observatory, where he regularly scans the night sky and takes amazing photographs, some of which are on display at Tarbat Discovery Centre.

The exciting new display for 2017 features: Burying the Dead, The Bull Fort at Burghead, Forging Power - Pictish Politics, The Origin of the Picts and the latest news from the Northern Picts Project.

An exclusive display from Aberdeen University.

St. Colman’s Gallery

The Shop and West End show off the fine architecture of the Discovery Centre. The shop stocks a fine selection of gifts and beautiful, locally manufactured craft goods, to remind you of your visit.

West End and the Shop

Inside Our Museum

Mezzanine Gallery

Displaying our Tarbatness Lighthouse exhibition, with copies of Stevenson’s original plans for building the lighthouse, and a gallery of stunning astronomical photographs taken by local astronomer Denis Buczynski.