Tarbat Discovery Centre Lecture Series 2019

All talks are to be held on a Friday evening in the Carnegie Hall, Portmahomack (same building as the Carnegie Café, Well Street, Tain, IV20 1YD), unless otherwise stated.

The start time is 7.30pm, unless otherwise stated. 

Entrance fee £4 with a collection bucket for the Hall’s repairs fund.

Tea, Coffee and biscuits will be available after the talk.  

24th July The Cnoc Fyrish Players and Voices, performers of Early Music.‘Music of Tymes Past’ – Song and Dance Music from the 12th – 17th Centuries.
(Start time: 7pm and Location: Tarbat Discover Centre).
2nd August Shirley Curtis-Summers, Bradford University.‘Shilpit Bairns and Clashing Swords’ – on forensics. i.e. a cradle to grave look at the medieval peoples of the Port. 
20th September Ian Mitchell Davidson Chartered Building Surveyor and Heritage Consultant.‘Picts, Pagans, Priests and Presbyterians: Understanding the significance of St Colman’s Church’ A talk about the Tarbat Discovery Centre’s home, St Colman’s Church: its own story through the ages and its architectural significance internationally.
(Location: Tarbat Discovery Centre, Portmahomack).
4th October + exhibition; part of Highland Archaeology Festival Cecily Spall, FAS Heritage, York.‘The Man with Six Heads’ The latest from the Tarbat Discovery Programme – studies on burials 30 and 36 and associated ‘others’….
22nd November Gordon Noble, Aberdeen University. (Recent book with Nick Evans – ‘The King in the North’, published by Berlinn, 2019. ‘The King in the North: The Latest Progress on the Northern Picts Project’ Synopsis: In this talk I will outline the latest progress on understanding the development of the Pictish kingdoms of northeast Scotland. In particular the talk will outline recent results of excavations at Burghead and Mither Tap – two early medieval forts that help illuminate the nature of power in early medieval Scotland.

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