Welcome to the Tarbat Discovery Centre

The Tarbat Discovery Centre is a museum, learning and activity centre dedicated to displaying and preserving the heritage of the Tarbat peninsula. Housed in the refurbished Old Parish Church, it is the site of the only Pictish monastic settlement excavated in Scotland to date.

The Centre displays many of the artefacts uncovered during the extensive archaeological investigations of the site along with local exhibitions, parish records, photographic archives and more.



Gateway to the Northern Picts and Early Christianity in Scotland


This lovely poem was written by Jenny Pestridge after visiting the Centre on April 20th 2016.

Peace hangs like a netted shroud,
Anchored from mountain top to monastery,
Woven by centuries of ancient bones,
Which once through faith,
Fired this holy space with the Glory of God.

Peace weights the clouds,
Covering the layered anguish of souls,
Whose cries are caught by the fishers of men,
In nets which once burst with joy and praise.

God, in the breaths between history, is still found,
Not entwined nor buried,
But alive in the living stones,
Whose prayers are heard eternally in the wind,
In this holy place.



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